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Register for authentication

Professional Passport provides facilities for our contractor members to verify a range of information required by agencies including:

  • Their identity
  • Validation of their limited company
  • Confirmation of the company's VAT registration
  • Their right-to-work in the UK

Where successful, a contractor will be provided a certificate to confirm they have been successful in the process.

Agencies must validate these certificates through the Professional Passport website to ensure the accuracy of information and their validity. Without validating a certificate there is no guarantee that it is a genuine Professional Passport certificate or validation.

Enquire about our certificate authentication here.


Full story

When presented with a Professional Passport certificate from a contractor we provide agencies a simple, fast and secure process to validate the authenticity of the certificate.

Contractors use our certification processes as it provides significant protection to them against the risk of identity theft, as well as delivering a fast, smooth process for their dealings with agencies.

Using the certificate authentication process provides real benefits to agencies too, as they are easily able to meet their relevant obligations contained within the agency regulations.

These processes also remove the need for agencies to obtain and hold sensitive personal data, assisting with compliance to data protection requirements.

Agencies must register with Professional Passport to use the authentication process. Registration is not an automatic process although it can be completed quickly. A small administration set-up fee applies to cover the initial set-up costs.

Registration only provides access to the authentication processes and does not provide access to other areas of information or support tools available to our full members.


Free Membership offer
We currently have a promotion offering free membership to agencies that register.  This is full membership and allows you complete access across the site.

Register now to secure your free membership.


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