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The Contractor Co-Op

The Contractor Co-op is proud to be the only umbrella company in the UK market that is a worker Co-operative and a member of Co-operatives UK. Unlike traditional payroll umbrellas which are in business to make a profit for their shareholders at the expense of their employees the Contractor Co-op exists first and foremost for the benefit of its employees.

Born out of a perceived need for a safe and secure environment for contractors to go about their day to day activities, we want to put you back in control. 

We are fully committed to the co-operative values and principles to ensure that everything we do benefits our members, our customers and the wider business community which we serve. But more than that, we aim to provide an umbrella which is 100% compliant and which provides exceptional service to contractors and recruiters alike. We are proud of our knowledge and understanding of the contracting market and are driven by a desire to provide an honest, efficient and trustworthy service.

In a competitive market we stand out from the crowd, employing professional and highly skilled individuals who will provide a bespoke and personal service to contractors.

Call us today for a clear and informative consultation – why join an umbrella when you can own one?

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Innovator of the Year 2008 & finalist 2009
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