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Instant Wage is good news for recruitment companies with PAYE contract workers

Improve the financial wellness of your workers

Instant Wage helps your PAYE contractors to avoid cash flow worries – whether it’s a broken washing machine that needs replacing in the middle of the month or an unexpected bill – so they can focus on doing a good job.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a loan?
No. The advance is for wages already earned; it is not a loan, and there is no interest charged. The service is merely speeding up the payment process for wages that the worker already has a legal right to. Instant Wage is not a loan company or acting as a payday lender.

How does it work?
The worker can receive a proportion of the wages they have earnt to date, without having to wait for payday.

For example, if they’ve worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, they might normally get paid at the end of the week. With Instant Wage, they can get a portion of their wages earned so far, minutes after finishing their shift on the Wednesday.

Is a credit search carried out?
No, as we are not loaning or lending any money; we are simply providing an early payment service of the money workers have already earnt.

Who provides the money to fund the advance?
Instant Wage funds the advance, paying money via the payroll system into the worker’s usual bank account.

How long does it take?
Usually, the money is in the worker’s account within 5 minutes. However, the banking network can often be a little slow so we say 60 minutes, just in case!

How much of their wages can a worker ask for?
Instant Wage can provide up to 60% of net average salary, and the minimum is £50. Workers can also take out more than one advance in a pay period (week).

Who carries the risk of non-repayment?
Instant Wage takes the hit if a worker fails to repay their advance; not the employer/agency/payroll provider.

Is it necessary to adapt IT/Payroll systems?
No – We can integrate our services with your payroll systems or you can use our web app and be up and running within hours.

Do I need to train my team?
No, we will provide training to ensure the employer/agency/payroll provider's team can answer questions from workers on the service and how it works.

How is the advance paid back?
We will deduct the advance and the small administration fee from the worker’s next payslip or they can deposit the money directly back into the employer/agency/payroll provider's account.

Can a worker use a different bank account to the one their wages are paid into?
No – it must be the same bank account.

Can a worker use Instant Wage if the organisation paying them is not registered for the service?
No, but they can request that the organisation signs up - either by contacting their payroll department or asking Instant Wage to contact them - by filling out the contact form below. 

Can the applicant's credit score be affected by asking for an advance?
No - as no credit search is carried out, credit scores are not affected.

What happens to the applicant if the advance isn't paid back?
On the rare occasions where this happens, we always start by talking to the applicant and trying to work out a repayment plan. 

How many advances can a worker apply for?
As many as they like, subject to the £50 minimum and £450 maximum. But it makes sense to combine into as few applications as possible, as each advance has the admin fee attached. 

What if the worker wants an extension on repayment?
Under the terms of each advance it must be paid back on the first pay day after the advance is given - this happens automatically. 

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