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"The advice and knowledge we have acquired through Professional Passport has meant we can deal with all the changes faced with confidence and certainty and deliver a robustly compliant offering to all our clients."

Tracey Williams


"Their knowledge on compliance is unsurpassed and a valuable resource for us since 2014. They have helped many of our clients understand the ever changing legislation which has in turn delivered stronger relationships in us."

Jon Myatt


"The attention to detail through the compliance review process gave us all the reassurances that we were operating with solid compliant foundations."

Kerry Moston

Big Fish

"Having experienced accreditations from the most recognised standards in the sector Professional Passport still remains our main reference point for all matters compliance."

Becci Harris

Bright Sky

Professional Passport are recognised as leading experts in the area of provider compliance

Professional Passport's standards on compliance are widely recognised as the highest in the sector, going further than just compliance to legislation we also ensure consistent application of industry best practice as well as complete transparency in the dealings with the supply chain.

Widely accepted by Industry Trade Bodies, Government Framework Agreements, RPO's as well as many end clients and recruitment companies.

Professional Passport has the widest range of compliance standards specifically designed for each operating structure.

The process to become an Approved Provider

  1. Initial telephone discussion

    When you make an enquiry with us, we will arrange an initial telephone conversation to discuss what your offerings are, to ensure there is nothing that would prevent us from completing a compliance review.

  2. Pre compliance review day

    When you are ready to move to the next stage, we will book a day with you to discuss all your offerings and how you are currently operating. The purpose of the day is to fully explain the Professional Passport compliance standards, why they are as detailed, and the legislation that drives the standards.

    Through this day we cover all areas that would be completed during the full Compliance Review.

    This day will highlight any areas that would be ‘showstoppers’ for a full compliance review as well as any areas that need amendments prior to moving to the full compliance review.

    We do not ask for any preparation, other than sending a copy of employment contracts and other relevant information supporting your current operations, as it is important we are able to fully discuss your operational process, as they are currently applied.

  3. Compliance review

    Once you have completed any required actions identified in the single day you are ready to move to the full Compliance Review.

    The review documents all the operational processes and procedures applied through your services as well as gathering all relevant supporting documentation to support the robust and consistent application of these processes.

    Where this is successful, and once the report has been signed off, you will be an Approved Provider.

  4. Verification

    In some cases we are unable to obtain enough supporting documentation on live workers to support the precise application of your processes, typically where these have been recently amended based on our guidance. In these situations, we carry out a verification of the data within 3 months to validate and evidence the correct application of the processes.

  5. Ongoing

    Once you become an Approved Provider compliance is an ongoing focus. We keep you fully updated on any developments through our Provider Intell Newsletters. These highlight any updates to processes and procedures that will be required.

    We also confirm the ongoing application of your operational processes at each renewal with your Compliance Report being the benchmark for this.

    Every other year we carry out a formal review at your offices and obtain current supporting evidence on the application of your processes and procedures in line with your Compliance Report.

  6. Membership terms

    We have defined terms applied to our Approved Provider membership that will require you to inform us of any changes to your structure or operational processes.

    Where you wish to introduce a new service this must be signed off against our standards prior to active marketing, failure to do so will result in Approved status being suspended until such time that we are able to verify this new offering.
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