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Recruitment Company Membership

As a recruitment company you will find an increasing number of end clients insisting that only independently assessed compliant providers can be used by their contingent workers.

Furthermore it is becoming increasingly important that you too have robust processes in place to ensure the supply chain remains compliant, failure to do so could result in liabilities passing back up the you.

Becoming an Agency Member of Professional Passport demonstrates to your clients that you have robust processes in place and are relying on our Approved Providers to deliver compliant services to their contingent workers.

We are already seeing MSP’s, RPO’s and Framework Agreements supplying in to Government amending their contracts to require any workers supplied under these arrangements to operate through an independently accredited provider, Professional Passport accreditation is already being widely recognised and accepted in these cases.

Becoming an Agency Member confirms that you are relying on Professional Passport's advice on provider compliance which allows you to not only comply with obligations under The Criminal Finances Act to have adequate processes in place, but also provides you access to our unique insurance backed guarantee.

Agency Membership does not cost you as we obtain our income from the providers we review and advise on compliance.

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