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MSC risk profiler

Where you already operate through your own limited company we have developed a risk profiler to help you assess your level of risk in line with the new MSC legislation.

The MSC risk profiler is available to professional members.

The MSC risk profiler asks you to complete a series of questions that allow an assessment of your risk in relation to the MSC legislation.

This profiler has to be fully completed once started and should take no longer than ten minutes, depending on your answer set.

To complete the profiler you will require a basic understanding of the MSC legislation. If you have little or no knowledge we suggest you read the section on the MSC legislation before attempting.

At no point does it ask for the provider details and we are unable to specifically comment on the validity of a Providers offering, unless they are a Professional Passport approved provider.

The assessment is based solely on your answers that indicate your perception of the service being offered. At the end of the process you will obtain a report containing key information, comments and recommendations. The recommendations will include any issues you should address with your provider and we always suggest you obtain the answers in writing.

The MSC risk profiler will also assist you if you are looking to select a provider that is currently not on the Professional Passport approved provider listings.

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available on ipad
available on ipad
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