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Flexible workers, also known as contractors or temporary workers, are currently the fastest growing sector of the working population with predictions forecasting this trend to continue over the foreseeable future.

This high growth has resulted in the Government looking more closely at this sector and introducing a range of legislation specifically aimed at this style of working.

Whilst the majority of these legislative changes have been directed at the workers there have been examples of unintended consequences impacting clients and increasing the risks associated with engaging contractors.

The latest change involves the assessment of the assignment status in relation to IR35. This was, in the past, the responsibility of the contractor but that is now all changing. The Off-Payroll Working rules come in to effect in April 2020 and these change the responsibility to the end client. They also place obligations on the client to ensure their supply chain is compliant, with significant liabilities where it is not.

Selecting the right agency to support your requirements is paramount and will not only reduce potential risks but also it is likely to reduce your overall costs.

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