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We are aware that some providers make false claims of holding a current Professional Passport accreditation.

As the importance of compliance has increased in recent years, with many recruiters and end clients requiring a current compliance accreditation, the incentive to make these false claims has also increased.

Professional Passport used to issue certificates to our approved providers but we found companies using these to make false claims. As a result we now refer all parties to our definitive listings on our Approved Provider pages. This is the most up to date list of our approved providers and entirely within our control, therefore they can be relied upon.

Our standards are continually tested and verified and any provider failing to meet the required levels will be removed. For this reason we advise that the listings are regularly reviewed.

Where we are aware of a provider making these false claims they will be written to and asked to remove the misleading references, in extreme cases we will take legal action. If you become aware of a provider making these claims, and not appearing on our listings, we ask you to report this to us through our Report a Concern email.

As  we  always  say;  companies  should  be  extremely  cautious  of dealing with any organisation that makes false claims in any aspect of their offerings.

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