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Code of conduct

Professional Passport has its own guiding principles that we aim to meet in all our dealings, whether it be with a contractor, agency, end client or provider.

They represent what we consider to be best business practice.

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Professional Passport's Guiding Principles

To act, at all times, in a professional manner and not act in a way likely to bring the profession into disrepute.

To never make any misleading statements or knowingly misrepresent our position.

To be open, honest and act with integrity in all our business dealings.

To present information in a balanced and factual way.

To ensure that work is always delivered to the highest of standards.

To honour any commitments made, whether verbally or contractually, and if we become unable to do so, for whatever reason, communicate that immediately to the relevant party(ies).

To ensure we maintain up-to-date knowledge.

To treat client information (contractor, agency, end client or provider) confidentially and to not disclose such information, unless obliged to do so under law.

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