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Compliance Reviews

Professional Passport has developed an operational standard to assess a providers compliance in the areas of umbrella providers, accountancy service providers, CIS and contract review providers.

The reviews are based on our understanding of HMRC's current interpretation, management and enforcement of the current legislation applying to the sector.

We accept that there are many grey areas; as yet untested by the courts. Our compliance review has been designed around a low risk profile and seeks to ensure that providers are not operating in a way that is likely to be challenged by HMRC. If and when cases are brought before the courts to clarify the legislation we will review these cases and amend our compliance standards to reflect the case histories that apply.

If you are intersted in finding out more about our provider compliance reviews please send us your details and we will make contact as a matter of urgency.

Professional Passport provider audits

Professional Passport are able to provide a range of services to providers to ensure their processes and procedures are robust and remove the threat of a negative outcome to any HMRC compliance visit.

We can work with providers in a variety of ways to achieve this ranging from a single day to full reviews and, where these are passed, listings on our approved provider listings.

Bespoke Training

We work with a number of providers to ensure their staff knowledge remains sharpe in all the key areas of the business.

We are also able to provide training and support to the agency sales teams ensuring you are in the best place to maximise all your opportunities.

Single Days Consultancy

This can be used however you want and is designed to provide you with the outcomes you are seeking. Prior to booking we will discuss your requirements and agree the scope of work you require.

Many new providers will use this to ensure their process are compliant from outset and they are building their businesses on a solid foundation. In many cases the ultimate objective will be to complete a full compliance review once the business is fully operational.

We also use the single day as a pre-audit check on processes and procedures. This allows us to discuss everything you do and ensure you will be in a position to demonstrate the application of the correct procedures when we move to the full review.

Where a full compliance review is booked within 3 months of the single day we will refund half the fee.

Compliance Reveiws

With all the changes that have been imposed on the sector in recent times our complaince reviews have been completely reviewed and updated in line with those changes.

Our standards mean that we do have to review and pass all the offerings that are actively promoted by a provider before they can be listed on our approved provider listings.

We now have compliance reviews covering the following:

Umbrella - no expenses

Umbrella - with allowable expenses


Accountancy Services

We are unable to review Payday by Payday, EDM, employment allowance or any offshore structures.

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