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Granite BPO
  • You know we’re compliant
  • You know our processes are sound 
  • You know we do everything to fulfil Professional Passport requirements

So instead of talking about ourselves, let’s talk about you and the challenges you face.We understand your business. Clients to win (and keep happy!), candidates to source, managers and consultants that don’t want admin killing their commission… It doesn’t stop there. You need to deliver best value to clients, and offer the best rates to attract the best talent, and somehow maintain your margin, then there’s legislation...It’s not easy.

That’s why thousands of agencies are launched every year, with an almost equally high rate of attrition.Our clients are success stories and we love being part of that journey - not just a supplier but a partner where *your* success is our core purpose.

Talk to us about it, and like all our clients, you’ll be glad you did.

T:   0208 036 3910
The following registered company numbers confirm the companies that have been considered as part of the Professional Passport compliance review for Granite BPO
Please check the details of the company you are dealing with as we have had instances of companies that have not been reviewed by us using similar names and this has caused confusion. If the company is not listed here then it has not been reviewed and we would ask you to let us know this through our Report a Concern form.
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