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Green Lantern

Welcome to Green Lantern Group – the expert, honest and most efficient option that recruiters, contractors and freelancers have enjoyed working with for over a decade.  Choosing us as your payroll solution will make a difference to your working life.

What is it that you look for from a solution?

  1. Compliance
  2. Efficiency
  3. Value

Green Lantern guarantees to deliver in all of these areas. 

We provide a consultative approach to our customers – whatever meets your needs and circumstances will be provided with an outstanding level of service, and we will always ensure that we won’t put a square peg in a round hole.

Understanding that there are different priorities for different people, we will evaluate these priorities with you and once you’re ready to go, we will make sure you’re never let down and we work with you to ensure that you can concentrate on what’s important to you rather than worrying about your payroll options.

Our small, caring yet highly experienced team will get to know you by name, will always come back to you within four hours and is always just a call away – we know we’re dealing with your money and you can’t be let down.  You’ll have our mobile numbers for out of hours contact, and will always have our Director’s direct line – you wont ever need to need it, but unlike other organisations we want you to have that level of transparency.

We provide all the necessary insurances, and work with contractors across all sectors.  Our team is made up of decades of industry experience, and we are always investing in our technology to make sure we never let you down.  Give us a call – we wont let you down.

T:   0203 696 4120
The following registered company numbers confirm the companies that have been considered as part of the Professional Passport compliance review for Green Lantern
12809756 12314658
Please check the details of the company you are dealing with as we have had instances of companies that have not been reviewed by us using similar names and this has caused confusion. If the company is not listed here then it has not been reviewed and we would ask you to let us know this through our Report a Concern form.
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