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Westlakes Umbrella

Our Vision – To offer businesses and individuals in engineering and construction, a payroll support structure so they can work with freedom.

Our Mission – Flexible working is on the rise. We are here to help with a payroll support structure that gives businesses and individuals the confidence to focus on their careers, projects and stakeholders, creating economic certainty for their families.

  • Industry guidance
  • PAYE Payroll
  • Umbrella
  • IR35

Payroll – Our payroll solution for clients with directly hired contractors, delivered by our in-house contractor care team,    mitigates against payroll risks, streamlines financial and commercial processes and improves service delivery.

Commercial and financing streamlining -

  • One weekly consolidated invoice for your workforce
  • Market rate analysis and will advise on potential cost savings
  • Rate benchmarking
  • Improved service delivery –
  • Screening function reduces on-boarding time
  • Fully auditable compliance in place
  • Electronic online manager time approval process
  • Electronic online contract acceptance/rejection process
  • Steamlined candidate experience
  • Dedicated point of contact for contractors

IR35 Compliant – Swift Payments – Instant Set-up

T:   01900 829703
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Innovator of the Year 2008 & finalist 2009
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