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Contractor Corner Accounting Ltd. was recreated, rebranded, and relaunched in 2019 specifically to help contractors, agencies and end-user clients with the expected changes to IR35 in the Private Sector.  When HMRC decided to widen the scope of the way IR35 currently controls work in the public sector, panic hit the whole market leaving everybody upset and confused.

We have a fantastic legal and compliance team that can help with contracts, compliance, and legislation for everyone concerned.  We'll even offer our agency and end-user clients a full indemnity against a tax bill for any of our contractors.

Contractor registration can be done simply and securely via our portal and at the worker’s own convenience. 

We don't believe that our contractors should have to spend time chasing payments and timesheets. That's our job and, if we're late with a payment, and it's our fault, the contractor doesn't pay a fee.

Some might say we were crazy to start an Umbrella with the sector being as swamped as it is but these are unprecedented times and we are perfectly placed to get it right first time. 

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