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Templeton Brook Witt Ltd

Barrister led advisory based in the landmark St. Mary Axe, Templeton Brook Witt provide specialist tax investigations, compliance advisory and employment dispute advice to private clients and corporates.

Tax investigations and tax disputes 

Tax investigations can be very onerous, stressful and time consuming. With the increased number of HMRC's information requests and discovery assessments, it pays to have the best advice. We can help you deal with any type of tax investigation through expert advice and specialist representation.

Our team deals with matters ranging from individual tax disputes to large and complex multiple client cases:

  • Formal and Informal Notices
  • Compliance Checks
  • Penalty Notices
  • Discovery Assessments
  • Voluntary Disclosures to HMRC
  • Accelerated Payment Notices (APNs)
  • Code of Practice 8 – CoP 8 Investigations
  • Code of Practice 9 – CoP 9 Investigations
  • Contractor Loan Schemes and the Loan Charge
  • DOTAS/POTAS Inquiries
  • PAYE Tax Investigations
  • IR35 Disputes
  • VAT Investigations and Inspections
  • HMRC Unannounced Inspections and Visits
  • Settlements with HMRC
  • Time to Pay Arrangements
  • Statutory Reviews
  • Forensic Tax Advice
  • Tax Litigation Advice

Private Client and Corporate Advisory 

Regular changes to legislation make tax and compliance a complex area. We aspire to the highest business, professional and ethical standards whilst providing excellent, efficient and timely service with a commercial and solution-based approach. We are adept at working alongside other professional advisors (accountants, solicitors, financial advisors) to help deliver the best solutions to our clients.

Employment Disputes 

We possess a wealth of experience in employment disputes, acting for both employers and employees, from internal grievances, contract disputes and furlough claims to pre-litigation settlements and employment tribunal representations. 

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