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R A Umbrella

At RA Umbrella, our mission is to be the steadfast ally for independent professionals, delivering unparalleled payroll and employment solutions. We are dedicated to ensuring the financial security, compliance, and operational ease of contractors, including those engaged through our valued recruitment agency partners. Specialising in umbrella employment services across diverse industries, we prioritise adherence to UK tax regulations and employment laws, providing a seamless and compliant experience for both recruitment agencies and their contractors. Our commitment extends to excellence in payroll processing, tax management, and benefits administration, empowering our clients with the confidence to navigate their professional journey with assurance and efficiency.

T:   0151 329 0675
The following registered company numbers confirm the companies that have been considered as part of the Professional Passport compliance review for R A Umbrella
Please check the details of the company you are dealing with as we have had instances of companies that have not been reviewed by us using similar names and this has caused confusion. If the company is not listed here then it has not been reviewed and we would ask you to let us know this through our Report a Concern form.
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